Accessible Podcatcher

Accessible Podcatcher (formerly Accessible Podcaster) is a simple way for blind and screen reader users to use podcasts. Podcasting is a way to distribute audio files on the web. Accessible Podcatcher lets you access these podcasts. You can listen to them, forward and rewind, save particular items to disk, and export and import lists of podcasts to send to other people.

(In case you're wondering: Podcasting is the process of sending your audio files out, while Podcatching is the process of receiving and listening to other people's podcasts. This application does the latter, hence the name change or correction.)

Accessible World Tek Talk has a great piece on Accessible Podcatcher, describing the basics of how it is used. Accessible World Tek Talk presents Rick Harmon discussing Podcasting.

Cuong Dang Manh has also done a detailed guide which you can listen to online: Podcatcher from WebbIE demonstration.

Screenshot: a very standard Windows interface.

If you don't have a good source of podcasts, you can use Podcatcher's sister program, Podcast Search. Just type in the podcast subject you want and after a few minutes it will give you a new list of podcasts you can add to the program. You have to install Podcast Search. (This replaces the Google Podcast Search).


1.14, 2 September 2015
Reports of problems installing, so increased the version number to make sure no conflicts.