BBC Live Radio

This simple application lets you listen to one of dozens of live BBC radio stations online with a couple of key presses. It's easy to use with any screenreader - much simpler than the BBC site. So you can enjoy listening to radio stations without lots of technical knowledge or difficulty.

Getting BBC Live Radio

BBC Live Radio is free. You can get it from the link below. You have to run the setup.exe file that you get from the link, and everything will be installed for you. You will then have a desktop shortcut called "BBC Live Radio" you can use to start the program. You can also find "BBC Live Radio" in your Start menu.


Technical Details

Help Manual and Shortcut Keys

When the program starts up you will be given a list of radio stations. Press the up and down arrow or cursor keys to select a station. Then press the Return key to start it playing (there will be a delay while the station is fetched). To return to the list of programmes and stop playing press the Escape key or the Stop button.

You can control the programme playing with the number key pad. Make sure that NumLock is on. You can then use 2 to lower the volume and 8 to raise it: 5 to play, 0 to stop and 1 to pause. The number keys on your main keyboard will also work.


Version 3.2.0, 27 March 2016
Fixed BBC World Service, Classic FM and National Public Radio (NPR) links.
Version 3.1.0, 29 March 2015
Removed HLS streams, now exclusively uses ShoutCast streams. This is because I noticed that on Windows 8 (which used the HLS streams) the stream would pause every ten seconds or so - clearly support for the M3U8 files isn't quite there.
Version 3.0.0, 22 March 2015
Updated to work with new BBC HLS and ShoutCast streams. Should work on Windows XP and later, as before.

Old Versions