Welcome to WebbIE. Use the cursor keys to move around this welcome page (press down).

WebbIE is a web browser that enables you to use the world-wide-web. You can use it to surf webpages and explore websites. The websites are presented to you as text, so you can access it easily. This welcome page is a webpage.

When a web page has loaded, you can use your cursor keys and your screen reader to explore the contents. Any line that starts with "LINK" is a web link. If you press the RETURN key while you are on that line, WebbIE will take you to that new page. Here is a link to the BBC:

BBC website.

To go to a website for which you know the address already, press the TAB key or the ALT and D keys to go to the address bar, type the website address, then press the RETURN key.

To go back to the previous page you were on, press the BACKSPACE key.

WebbIE does many more things. For more information, see the Help information under Help in the menu bar (press ALT and H to access the list of Help topics).

Thank-you for using WebbIE!