One Switch Mouse

If you have very limited movement - for example, later stages of muscular dystrophy - then it can be impossible to use a standard mouse and keyboard, or even a modern touchscreen.

One Switch Mouse lets you control the mouse pointer on a Windows machine using the most limited option possible, one single key or mouse button or customised switch or joystick button. You can move the mouse anywhere, click, double-click, right-click and even drag-to-select. Because you have control of the mouse you can use it to control other applications, like web browsers or media players, and use an on-screen keyboard to type.

One Switch Mouse is suitable for people who:

Getting One Switch Mouse

You can get One Switch Mouse from the Windows Store.


Technical Details


A review kindly sent in by One Switch Mouse user, Sophie B, 2017.

One switch mouse control is an amazing program that enables me to do stuff that any normal person can do! It does take a bit to get it working and used to how it works but when it is set up it's great!

Some information to help you if your are going to install the software on a communication device.

The only thing you will need if you are using a switch is a program that you can tell the switch input to be a key press. I would recommend if you have a communication device with switch ports finding out what your device switch ports program is. You should be able to set what you want the input to be. The tellus4/5 definitely has a switch ports program that you can change what it does! I am currently using a Accent 1400 with a crick switch box and the input is zero but the crick box program isn't running . I'm trying to find out if the Accent 1400 has a switch ports program. I'll let you know if it has it as soon as I have found out.