PDF Reader

This simple application opens PDF and image files as plain text. This makes it easy to read them with a screenreader. You can also save files as text documents so you can read them easily later. Inaccessible PDF files and image files (JPEG, TIFF) are OCR'd to extract text so it will give you the text for anything you can throw at it.

Getting PDF Reader

PDF Reader is free. You can get it from one of the links below. You will then have a desktop shortcut called "PDF Reader" you can use to start the program. You can also find "PDF Reader" in your Start menu.


Technical Details

Version History

5.1.0, 21 April 2021
File fixes and improved OCR. Also some telemetry, which means it tells me that people are using it, but nothing about what you're reading.
4.0.1, 5 May 2018
All the features in 4.0.0 should now actually work because the correct files get installed!
4.0.0, 24 Feb 2018
Added support for opening image files by using Tesseract OCR: support for JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and PNG.
Added support for inaccessible PDF files: if no text content is obtained from opening a PDF file it will be OCR'd instead.
3.2.0 9 October 2015
Added support for non-Western (non-English) PDF files (e.g. Polish).
Added TeamViewer option to Help menu for support.
3.1.1 17 March 2014
Fixed a bug with PDF file handling (so now right-click will give you Open With)
Fixed a bug with the colour change option (text was the same colour on another colour)
3.1.0 14 January 2014
Added a colour change option so you can set foreground and background colours for maximum readability.

Old Versions