WebbIE browser

This is legacy documentation retained for archival purposes. Go to the current version of WebbIE Web Browser.

WebbIE is available only for Microsoft Windows with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Download and run the file below to start installation. It should work with Windows '98/Me/2000/XP.

WebbIE in Action

Screenshot of WebbIE showing standard browser layout with text-only representation of web page.

Person with a visual impairment using WebbIE with colours reversed and very large fonts.

What's new in WebbIE 3

Here are some of the new features in WebbIE 3:

More information about WebbIE 3:

Older versions of WebbIE

Some people may have older machines or prefer an older WebbIE version, so here you go: we do recommend you upgrade to version 3.1, though.