Bugs and Problems

This page describes known problems with the latest version of WebbIE and other programs available from this site. If you encounter any problems that are not on this list do please Contact us and report any problems.

Please always try getting the latest version or we can't help you with your problem, because it may be a problem we have fixed and we can't go back to previous versions. Bugs that are fixed disappear from the list: if you have any queries, do contact me.

You should always keep your computer up-to-date by running Windows Update regularly, and turning on automatic updates, and running defrag every month.


Some pages don't load properly in WebbIE
Some users have reported having problems with WebbIE not displaying pages: the pages load in the Internet Explorer view, but nothing appears in the WebbIE text view. This was a problem with older versions of WebbIE, but is believed to be fixed in the latest version. You can try pressing Escape (stop navigating) or Reload (Control and R), either of which may kick WebbIE into displaying the page.
WebbIE crashes!
WebbIE is really pretty stable, but I noticed some problems with I had the old, deprecated Microsoft Java Virtual Machine installed on my Vista machine. Uninstall this (Microsoft no longer supports it) and restart your machine.
You may also try updating Internet Explorer.
Internet Radio Tuner does not play anything
Make sure you have Windows Media Player 9 or greater: try updating Windows Media Player, and if that does not work, please contact us.
Try a different radio station. Some of the links have died, and there is no mechanism yet for Radio Tuner to update them automatically. Remove the station then try getting more stations and see if adding the station back again works.
WebbIE runs but no pages load, or RSS News Reader produces no news, or Radio plays nothing, or BBC Listen Again shows no programs.
If you have a firewall or other security software, like an antivirus program, it may be blocking WebbIE and the Accessible programs. See How to configure your firewall to work with WebbIE and the Accessible programs.
RSS feeds or podcasts refuse to load.
If you have not installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 then some applications will not work properly. You must install Windows XP Service Pack 3.