BBC iPlayer Radio 9.3.5

A new version of the BBC iPlayer Radio program. This should, I hope, solve any problems you have been experiencing with “skipping” during programmes.

A quick explanation: the BBC provides their radio programmes as AAC files. These play on Windows 8 and later, in theory. But I was having lots of reports of programmes skipping. I thought this might have been the code that downloads the AAC files, but I discovered that the AAC files skipped in Windows Media Player as well as in my program (which uses Windows Media Player internally), and my program successfully downloaded exactly the same file each time. Finally, converting the AAC file to another file type fixed the program just fine.

BBC iPlayer Radio therefore has a “conversion” step after downloading a programme where it is converted into a format that will play without skipping.

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  1. Hello Alasdair – I have the latest version of BBC iPlayer and am using Windows7 with Jaws. Last week, iPlayer was working but when trying it out on Wednesday, I could not get the programmes up and when I pressed ‘enter’, it keeps coming up with the error 404 not found although I know well that I am on the Internet. Any suggestions? It does however, work on my iPhone but I wanted to download onto my computer.

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