WebbIE Web Browser 5

An unannounced update to the actual WebbIE Web Browser over Christmas: Version 5 fixes problems with the web search feature not working.

This is a super-simple feature: you press Control and W, then type your search term, and hit return. Wait a bit and the Google results appear in a list – you just cursor up and down. Hit return when you get one you want and WebbIE opens it. So much faster and less frustrating than trying to, you know, use Google…

It’s Version 5 despite not being a big update because (1) the fashion is to ramp up the main version number (2) it’s way way easier to ask “what version?” and get back “5” or “4” or “6” than “4.1.23”!

Get WebbIE 5 Now: https://www.webbie.org.uk/webbrowser

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