BBC iPlayer Radio 9.4

A small change the BBC iPlayer Radio program. It downloads BBC programmes and then converts them to MP3 to play them. Previously it’s used a moderate quality (bitrate) but some users got in touch and pointed out that many radio programmes would benefit from a better quality, especially Radio 3. So BBC iPlayer Radio now uses 192kbps MP3 files.

2 thoughts on “BBC iPlayer Radio 9.4”

  1. There seems to be a problem with Radio 5 Live Sports Extra, when the listing is opened a strange message appears which I can clear with esc, and I notice that broadcasts from May 7 are missing

  2. Is it possible to over-ride the mp3 conversion? What is the original stream or program’s format and bitrate? A nice 256kb/s AAC or even 320kb/s would be great for classical programming, for example.

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