BBC iPlayer Radio 10

After a good few weeks I have the BBC iPlayer Radio application working again! You should find that the previous version 9 force-updates to the new version 10 when you start it. If not you can use this link for the installer: BBC iPlayer Radio MSI Installer

As usual, it was broken by changes to the BBC system. I’ve had help from some kind BBC staff and I’ve got it working again: it now downloads without needed to convert as well, so it’s a little faster in operation. I’ve also improved the metadata in the files saved to disk for those that use them directly. “Version 10” indicates that I’m following the modern convention of updating the version number by a whole point when you do a release – like Google Chrome – not that there is anything very special and new. Sorry! Smile.

3 thoughts on “BBC iPlayer Radio 10”

  1. Hi, bbc I player radio 10 has stopped working. I get a message saying it can’t connect even though I am online. Very strange.

  2. Downloads have become very slow over the last few days, the whole program is sluggish, is this a fault with the program or is it the BBC server?

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