Updated BBC iPlayer Radio and Live Radio

I’ve updated the BBC iPlayer Radio application. Nothing major: you now get the BBC West Midlands radio station, and you can do copy (Control and C) when in the programme list to copy the name of the programme, for whatever reason.

More importantly, I’ve tweaked the user interface – the controls and their arrangement on the main window. This means that it should work better with your screenreader: it had a cool SplitContainer, which lets sighted people drag the centre dividing line of the program to resize the Station and Programme list. Sadly, testing indicated that this got in the way of screenreader usage, so I’ve removed it. This kind of careful UI design is necessary in producing software that isn’t just accessible, but is also usable, and that’s the idea of the WebbIE programs.

Minor tweaks to the Live Radio application too: I’ve fixed the BBC Radio 5 Live, World Service and Classic FM stations. Sadly, the BBC Arabic and Russian appear to be gone, so I’ve removed them.

The other item is that I’ve made it easy in BBC iPlayer Radio to launch the TeamViewer remote support program. This lets me connect to a user’s PC and see what they are doing, and try to fix things. I used to ship this with WebbIE 3, and I’ve missed it in the WebbIE 4 range of programs, so it’s now available under the Help menu: just select it and it will download and run. I’ll gradually roll this out to the other WebbIE programs.

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