BBC iPlayer Radio working again

Changes at the BBC end broke the BBC iPlayer Radio program for a couple of weeks. The BBC were kind enough to help when I got round to asking, and it should all now be working again.

However, you now get thirty days of radio programmes, not just seven days, so my program takes a while to process all the programmes and display them. Be patient and it should get there.

Thanks to everyone who alerted me to the problem, and the BBC staff for helping out!

9 thoughts on “BBC iPlayer Radio working again”

  1. It is still not working at this end, the app hangs on the station list, will keep trying, many thanks for all your efforts to get it working again

  2. Alasdair, please disregard my previous comment, I was unaware that I needed to press tab to reach the programme list, however there is a problem, Radio 5 Live Sports Extra is displaying the programmes for Radio Wales.

  3. I have noticed that programmes are still disappearing after 7 days, for example on 6 Music, Chris Hawkins and 6 Music Live Hour from 17 Sept, which were on the list late yesterday, are no longer listed, just thought I would make people aware that they might miss something important if they don’t grab it within a week.

  4. Hi, also have the same problem about the list of programmes not showing. I didn’t realise you had to press tab to find them, since the programmes would open up quickly, previously. Strange that they disappear so quickly. Thanks for looking into this.

  5. For a couple of days I got programmes displayed for 30 days (almost 1,000 programmes in each category) but now I only get programmes for 7 days only and even the earlier duplicates are not there. Easier to access this way.

  6. I’m still having problems accessing the programme list for Radio 4. It just hangs and is unresponsive to all commands. I end up having to kill the process in order to close down. The other BBC stations seem to be working OK.

  7. Hi, the programmes are not downloading. It just stays at 0 percent. I don’t think it’s my internet connection, since everything else works fine. I’ve also noticed, some of the dates are wrong. Such as when there is a second episode, it shows that programme on the same day, even though that programme isn’t available yet.

  8. Hi. It’s not working here. It displays the station list, then the programme list, but hangs at 0% when trying to download. Been like this for about 10 days.

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